December 5, 2022

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The Vatican State, abducted by the New World Order, by the hand of Bergoglio

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By Alfonso de la Vega – The current crisis of civilisation has a spiritual dimension. For me this is the most important of all, including the political, cultural, economic and health ones. However, it is disguised in a sullen way in which almost nothing is as it seems. The German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich puts it this way: “Governments are no longer our governments, since they have been taken over by the platform of the World Economic Forum…”.

From this point of view they are usurpers, despite having been enthroned after supposedly fair, though more or less manipulated, elections. Many are tyrants determined to oppress and attack their own people. Several wear the badge of Agenda 2030 or spout similar stupefying speeches to make it clear who their masters are.

But neither are some religious leaders what they appear to be or do what would be expected of them based on their own institutional position. Some, like Bergoglio, are clerical politicians who seem to have forgotten the raison d’être of the two-thousand-year-old institution they are supposed to represent. Beyond all evangelical pretensions, Bergoglio no longer recognises himself as the Vicar of Christ, but as the head of the Vatican State. A powerful state now abducted by the NOM, the Davos Forum or other globalist institutions against humanity. And of which we do not know what its true nature will be once the bergogliato is happily over.

While preparing his next trip to the Pirate Coast in the Arabian Peninsula, not to convert infidels, which is now very ugly, but to chum it up with Saracens, Bergoglio was interviewed on RAI. In the programme, Bergoglio showed off his latest witticisms. As he declared, very serious and sensible, he is against ideological rigidities.

It is therefore understandable that he persecutes with unusual viciousness and cruelty priests and faithful who, for example, do not want communion in the hand or prefer the traditional mass to the post-conciliar one. A sacred ceremony which, from an aesthetic point of view – I won’t get involved in theological matters – is like replacing a sublime work by Father Vitoria with the Eurovision song of the day. Or that, in order not to be rigid, while denying an interview to the patient octogenarian Cardinal Zen, he compassionates with the philanthropic heroic comrades of the Chinese Communist Party. Or to look for ways to evict the remaining monks from their traditional monasteries and thus free up rich assets to place on the market and create shareholder value.

But where Bergoglio was happily “seeded” is in his willingness to replace the indigenous European population. Hence the proposal to distribute the poor among the different EU countries with indigenous people from other geographies and cultures. I don’t know if Bergoglio has seen Plácido or Viridiana, two Spanish masterpieces against the demagogy of goodism and hypocrisy. If he hasn’t seen them, I recommend them to him, and without charging any fee for the consultancy.

Given that the Vatican is perhaps one of the most opulent states in the world, it would presumably start by setting an example. In the event of an auction of the poor, as in Plácido, the alienated and exploited self-employed motocarro hire-purchaser, the Vatican could use its financial potential to keep a few of them. And even with lesser artists to liven up the ecclesiastical soiree. The great Berlanga already told us how to do it.

If it were Viridiana, it would be necessary to take care of the table and tablecloth, as well as the cardinal’s delicacies, lest the needy guests at the banquet rebel and raid the Vatican cellars and pantries. It’s all very well to boast of being plain and folksy for the public eye, but then what happens happens happens.

We know that Bergoglio is a friend and colleague of the main mafiosi of the Democratic Party: the Clintons, Obama, Podesta, Biden, Pelosi, as well as the homosexual cardinal mafia of San Gallo, to whom he owes a seat and protection. That’s why I don’t quite understand the incoherence of being so concerned about the usual victims of both sects. I am referring to the defenceless children.

Neither is it understandable from an evangelical point of view -I must be very stupid or very rigid- his determined support for something as absolutely anti-Christian as the dark and satanic NOM; nor the protection in the practice of abortion, one of his most abominable instruments; nor his determination to “vaccinate” urbi et orbi anyone who cannot escape, even the most defenceless creatures.

From my modest point of view, we are dealing with a demagogue and a prankster. Yes, this is part of a mohatra. A globalist and global mohatra. A shady character, raised to the top of the heap by Evil in order to do from there the opposite of what one would expect.

I repeat the words of German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: “Governments are no longer our governments, since they have been taken over by the platform of the World Economic Forum, the same ones that started to create their young world leaders programme around 1992, whose first graduates were Angela Merckel and Bill Gates”. Die-cut leaders who are being placed in key positions to perpetrate policies against the interests of the administered. Bergoglio is of a different age than the aforementioned; he is of the same age as the dangerous eugenicist Klaus Schwab Rothschild, but also an agent of the same service.

Now, given the current process of de-Christianisation of the Vatican or what has happened in Spain since the death of Franco and the new Bourbon restoration, it seems that faith and spirituality in Christianity is forged more in persecution, in resistance to iniquitous laws, in the solitude of conscience and even in a certain material weakness in contrast to opulence, than in the protection of sclerotised, if not degraded, institutions.

*Agricultural engineer, writer and political analyst.

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