December 5, 2022

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A man shouts at Bergoglio “no more masks in the Church” and Bergoglio replies “let’s pray for him”.

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Pope Francis

The sinister character who is leading the Church in these years of restrictions, experimental drugs and health dictatorship is proving, day by day, that the one he serves is not God, but the opposite. His globalist discourse and his unwavering support for restrictions and experimental inoculations make him a very dangerous man because, unfortunately, there are many people who trust him.

But other people do not. They are believers who may be in the minority, but they are not crazy, as Bergoglio tried to make out when he was rebuked by a man attending a catechesis in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

According to Daniel Ibánez, a photographer covering Vatican events, the man reportedly shouted in Italian: “No more masks in the Church, this is not the Church of Jesus Christ… The Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic… You are not the king”.

The man was detained by the Vatican gendarmerie and taken outside.

In response to this, Bergoglio went off script and said: “A few minutes ago we heard a person shouting, screaming, who had some kind of problem. I don’t know if it was physical, psychological, spiritual; but a brother of ours with a problem”.

And he added, “I would like to finish by praying for him, our brother who is suffering, poor thing, if he was shouting it is because he is suffering, because of some need. Don’t be deaf to this brother’s need. Let us pray together to Our Lady for him”.

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