September 17, 2023

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This garbage is called progressive art and it is financed by the globalist mafia with one big goal: to promote pedophilia.

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Depraved Liberal art

Depraved Liberal art.

Incredible but true. These “cultural” events promoted by LGTB associations are financed in Spain. Only disturbed and sick minds can make children participate in these aberrations. The image shows a child inserting an object into the anus of a naked adult with painted skin. The worst thing is that the child is accompanied by his parents, who can only be classified as depraved. Or worse. In a sane society, those parents would have lost guardianship of their children. If Putin is hated for anything by the depraved Western leaders, it is for shielding Russian children from these perversions and preventing Russia from becoming part of the Luciferian dens that these days are deploying their armies in Eastern Europe.

It is easy to appreciate the implementation of social engineering to normalize the abnormal and encourage pedophilia, the fact of making minors interact with naked adults, making these little ones see something normal that is not.

The scale of values in Western societies is increasingly drifting, we live in extraordinary times that we can hardly read accurately in the immediate present, but certainly in a couple of decades we will look back on this era and it will have marked a before and after in humanity; we do not know if for better or for worse, although everything seems to indicate that there is an absolute decline, it remains to be seen how the masses will respond to the perversions that try to be implanted in our nations, as well as the advance of groups that promote pedophilia.

A 7 year old child should not be thinking about whether he is homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, nor should many be at the mercy of an adult to indulge his sexual “outlets”, as some pedophiles have shamelessly called their “needs”. Children at those ages are there to play, become familiar with some sport, make friends and go to school without being victims of any kind of sexual or political agenda.

Anyone with two fingers in front can easily discover what is behind all these “artistic” initiatives: to penetrate the minds of infants, to normalize their “sexual nature”, to generate greater acceptance in society until there is enough leverage to decriminalize such aberration, and after normalization comes the legalization of pederasty.

It is absurd to have to explain the reasons why all this is to the detriment of children and new generations of men and women, but unfortunately we are compelled to emphasize it. We have not yet reached the bottom, but that is where they are taking us, leading us to societies that are increasingly sick, confused and denaturalized, where they try to give sexual identity to children who are just beginning to know the world.

At the age of 8, a child is not capable of making his own decisions, he does not have enough reasoning to elaborate a life plan, much less is he capable of determining his sexual character; an infant does not put an adult’s genitals in his mouth for pleasure, the simple fact of having to clarify it is already aberrant and vomitous in itself.

Today the battle for values is becoming more and more uphill. Today more than ever, the parents of the world must give special care and attention to the upbringing of their children, we live in dangerous times where not only is there an attempt to hypersexualize children, but they are constantly being indoctrinated with collectivist ideologies in schools.

Human beings who aspire to live in a world where respect, values, justice and well-being prevail, must stand up and fight against the unnatural agendas of progressive movements. Spaniards must draw the line and fight for the sanctity of children, lest the nation be lost to this satanic globalism.

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Cultural Marxism
Cultural Marxism

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