December 5, 2022

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Pentagon report reveals that “COVID is a joint US-Chinese Communist Party Deep State Project gone wrong”.

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Peter Daszak

Peter Daszak

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is actually an artificial bat vaccine created by EcoHealth Alliance and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) BSL4 Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), according to a report filed by a USMC Major working on a fellowship at the Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The report and its supporting documents were obtained by the investigative journalism outlet Project Veritas and released on 10 January.

While providing the trove of documents, Veritas describes DARPA as a “US Department of Defense agency charged with facilitating research into technology with potential military applications”.

Included in the group is a 45-page proposal written by the now notorious Peter Daszak and his New York-based EcoHealth Alliance in March 2018 called Project DEFUSE. The submission is in response to a broad agency announcement issued by DARPA in January 2018 called PREEMPT, which stands for Prevention of Emerging Pathogen Threats.

On the surface, DARPA’s PREEMPT programme sought to nip in the bud potential pandemic threats that could arise from latent zoonotic [cross-species] transmission mutations in native animal and livestock populations in different parts of the world before US soldiers were affected.

Daszak and EcoHealth are widely linked not only to gain-of-function research at WIV, but also to bogus attempts to cover up and delegitimise the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic – which has plagued humanity for more than two years – arose as a result of a laboratory leak from the CCP facilities to which they are so closely linked.

In a very brief summary, EcoHealth’s Project DEFUSE states that its purpose is to create a vaccine for cave-dwelling bats in China’s Yunnan province that carry Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronaviruses (SARS, a class of viruses, like influenza or Ebola) for the purpose of inducing suitable antibodies that can prevent the evolution of a mutation capable of zoonotic transmission on the level of the 2003 SARS outbreak.

DEFUSE, on its own, is not entirely “news”. In September, The Intercept published the identical proposal after it was published by the pseudonymous Decentralised Radical Anonymous Search Team Investigating COVID-19 (DRASTIC) in an article entitled Leaked Grant Proposal Details High-Risk Coronavirus Research.

While The Intercept article focused primarily on the project in the context of whether general gain-of-function research or a laboratory mishap could have contributed to or caused the pandemic, what is different about this new Project Veritas research is that it is a hard-hitting and concrete conclusion with significant implications for the human race in 2022.

In a letter dated 13 August 2021 written on DARPA letterhead by USMC Major and DARPA Fellow Joseph Murphy addressed to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, the Major opens without holding anything back.

“SARS-CoV-2 is a US-created recombinant bat vaccine, or its precursor virus,” it states. “It was created by an EcoHealth Alliance programme at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), as the report surrounding the lab-leak hypothesis suggests.”

The programme he refers to is exactly Project DEFUSE. Although DARPA rejected funding for DEFUSE in a scathing rejection notice included in the Veritas documents, the programme was funded by Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins through NIAID and NIH.

“The form of SARS-CoV-2, as it emerged, is likely a precursor, deliberately virulent, recombinant humanised SARSr-CoV that was to be reverse-engineered into a live attenuated SARSr-Cov bat vaccine,” Murphy said.

The inventor of the mRNA, Robert Malone, a scientist recently banned from Twitter shortly after sharing a presentation with scathing criticism of the clinical trials Pfizer relied on for US approval of its vaccine product, explained in an 11 January Substack article commenting on the project. Veritas publishes that “attenuated means mutated to be non-pathogenic, presumably to bats and humans”.

Page 4 of Daszak’s 2018 Project DEFUSE proposal broadly describes exactly one plan to implement targeted immune boosting, described as a process in which his team would “apply polyvalent recombinant chimeric SARS-CoV spike proteins in the presence of large-scale immune boosting treatments to stimulate immune memory and suppress specific SARSr-CoV”.

Ralph Baric of UNC Chapel Hill, a leading player in gain-of-function research conducted with WIV for many years, was to lead on targeted immune boosting.

DEFUSE planned to use “a novel delivery method” to administer its vaccine to Yunan bat caves because bats are difficult to inject with needles, such as “transdermally applied nanoparticles”, “sticky edible gels” and “aerosolisation through prototype sprays”.

In his report to the IG, Murphy stated that he synthesised certain undisclosed “intelligence collections” with Project DEFUSE to reach his conclusions.

The Major stated that the CI collections he referred to had identified the same WIV personnel, such as “Bat Woman” Shi Zhengli, referred to in the EcoHealth proposal, used “the lexicon of the proposal” and even cited the same variants of the virus.

Included in Murphy’s report were several spreadsheets containing cost breakdowns for WIV staff, including Shi, who paid researchers with senior medical titles in the range of USD 10-25 per hour for their services.

Murphy also stated that he was aware of further evidence made available by US congressional investigations, as well as information received from DRASTIC, showing that DEFUSE was still running until April 2020 even though the pandemic was in full bloom.

When former President Donald Trump ended the gain-of-function investigation, DEFUSE came to an end.

In his letter to the IG, which predates the appearance of the Project DEFUSE documents on the DRASTIC website by more than a month, Murphy claims he discovered that the trove had suddenly appeared “unmarked and without classification or distribution data” in July 2021 in a top secret DARPA stock campaign at the same time he was conducting his own investigation and Republican Senator Rand Paul began his own investigation.

“The unmarked nature combined with the timing signals that the documents were being hidden,” Murphy says, adding: “No file at DARPA goes unmarked in classification or distribution, including proprietary documents”.

Continuing to expound on his findings, Murphy redefined SARS-CoV-2 as SARSr-CoV-WIV, implying its genesis in the CCP’s Wuhan lab.

In his analysis, the virus that plagues humanity is actually a “synthetic spike protein chimera engineered to bind to human ACE2 receptors and inserted into a recombinant bat SARSr-CoV backbone”.

Murphy: the virus that causes COVID-19 is not actually a coronavirus

Simply put, Murphy believes that the virus that causes COVID-19 is not actually a coronavirus at all. Instead, it is simply a lab-engineered spike protein attached to a base composed of a variant of the SARS-causing coronavirus found in bats.

“It is likely to be a live vaccine not yet engineered in a more attenuated state that the programme sought to create with its final version. It leaked and spread quickly because it was aerosolised so it could efficiently infect bats in caves, but it was not yet ready to infect bats, so it doesn’t appear to infect bats.”

In the commander’s words, his findings unlock the mysteries surrounding the sometimes asymptomatic, sometimes severe nature of COVID-19. “The reason the disease is so confusing is that it’s not so much a virus as engineered proteins hitching a ride on a swarm of SARSr-CoV quasispecies.

Murphy sounded alarm bells about the implications of this conclusion for the new global gene therapy vaccination campaign, which uses genetic instructions encapsulated in an artificial lipid nanoparticle for the human body to create only the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein under the apparent rationale of inducing an immune response against the portion of the virus used to enter and infect cells.

“Gene-encoded vaccines, or ‘mRNAs’, work poorly because they are synthetic replications of the already synthetic SARSr-CoV-WIV spike proteins and do not possess other epitopes.”

The MacMillan Dictionary of Immunology defines an epitope as “the portion of an antigen [virus] that comes into contact with a particular antibody or T-cell receptor”.

Murphy continues: “The mRNA instructs the cells to produce synthetic copies of the SARSr-CoV-WIV synthetic spike protein directly into the bloodstream, where they spread and produce the same ACE2 immune storm that the recombinant [SARS-CoV-2] vaccine does”.

The report to the IG also warns that in Project DEFUSE’s own proposal, Daszak warned that using a conventional vaccine approach to manipulate Yunnan bat group immunity “lacks sufficient epitope coverage to protect against coronavirus quasispecies”.

Murphy warned: “The nature of using a spike protein vaccine with an epitope against a spike protein vaccine with a quasispecies [SARS-CoV-2] may explain the unusual (and potentially harmful) antibody response among the unvaccinated to the new COVID variants”.

Although the letter was written more than three months before the emergence of Omicron in Botswana among a group of fully vaccinated diplomats from an unidentified country, his comments ring especially true in light of current circumstances.

Multiple studies have revealed that being fully vaccinated with existing injections not only provides limited or no protection against Omicron, but can lead to negative vaccine efficacy, meaning that vaccinated people are more susceptible to infection than unvaccinated people.

“Fundamentally, the knowledge provided by the proposal indicates that the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) from vaccination should be assessed as a high priority, in addition to the reality that single epitope vaccines will have little effect against SARSr-CoV-WIV, as indicated in the proposal.”

Murphy also sounded the alarm about the potential for SARS-CoV-2 to become more powerful in the current environment of vaccine fanaticism”… the mass vaccination campaign actually creates an accelerated gain of function for it. Since it is designed for bats from a human-susceptible SARS-CoV, vaccinating humans against it actually recovers its function toward a more attenuated, human-susceptible form.”

“Improving the SARSr-CoV-WIV spike protein to gain robustness against monoclonal vaccines is one of the steps in the DEFUSE programme.”

The major continued: “The mechanism for improving the SARSr-CoV-WIV spike protein (apart from direct engineering) is to challenge it against animals that have only spike protein antibodies. The attenuated virus will either die or adapt its shape to neutralise antibodies containing only spike protein.”

“The intention was to perform this task against humanised mice [genetically engineered to express ACE2 receptors found in human lungs] and ‘batified’ mice [mice given bat-only antibodies after their immune systems were destroyed by irradiation].”

“Instead, it was done to the world’s population.”

In his Substack Post, Robert Malone stated that he felt Murphy’s letter “seems to be the real deal so far”, adding, “This report is damaging on many fronts.”

“If validated, it is as big as the Pentagon Papers. It would mean that research funded and conducted by the US government has caused the deaths of millions of people around the world. Just think about that. I can barely wrap my head around the idea. Shocking doesn’t even begin to describe how important this is. History will remember it,” Malone added.

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