December 5, 2022

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An Italian doctor announced in November 2020 that “Covid 19 is a mass extermination programme”.

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Italian doctor Roberto Petrella

Italian doctor Roberto Petrella.

“The truth will set you free” (John 8:31-38).

Roberto Petrella, a previously unknown Italian doctor, launched a plea in a 7-minute video in November 2020 that was intended as a wake-up call to the Italian people and also to the whole world about a disturbing theory.

He announced that a global genocide is on the way. His warnings were met with a cataract of disqualifications, insults and denials by truthers on the orders of the globalist elites. The persecution to which the Italian doctor was subjected ended his professional career. He was one of the few who dared to cry out in the sterility of the wilderness against those who embraced the official version that pointed to the bat as the cause of the coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

What is most striking is that Dr Petrella’s astonishing claims, long before humanity was aware and even cognizant of the pandemic in the making, have been fulfilled with pinpoint accuracy.

In fair recognition of Roberto Petrella’s ethical commitment to the Truth, we reproduce some of his 2020 statements, now widely supported by thousands of physicians and scientists around the world:

  • “This is a video of extreme urgency,” he began.
  • Covid 19 is a global programme for population reduction, it is estimated that with the vaccine they want to impose at least 80% of the population will die”.
  • What they want to inject is the most terrible of all known vaccines”.
  • Don’t take any tests, they are not reliable tests. The results of the virus tests are false because they are done in the presence of fungal and bacterial infections. Rejecting the tests is the only way to reject the vaccine”.
  • I have said it and I repeat it: no test is able to detect SARS-COV-2. Pay close attention because they will start testing children and from there it will spread to the whole society, they are going to start mass testing children in schools, once your child is tested they will start testing the whole family and all close contacts, the idea is that healthy people will officially appear as sick.”
  • “I remind you that we are not sick, we are healthy carriers who have viruses, that doesn’t mean we are sick, even if you test positive two or three times, that doesn’t mean you are sick. They will make you believe that everyone who tests positive is sick, but that is not true at all”.
  • Please don’t fall into the trap they are trying to set for you.
  • Once vaccinated we will all be weakened and meet certain death. Tell people not to take any tests”.
  • “This video is so you don’t say you weren’t warned.”
  • “The behaviour of politicians is completely disheartening.”
  • “Most of the people vaccinated will cease to exist for society.”
  • China is already doing real trials in several cities, Spain and Argentina are the pilot countries for Latin countries in relation to mass vaccination”.
  • I will prefer death but not vaccination”.

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